ARTEKO Gallery

Arteko Gallery

A personal taste for contemporary art with its own hallmark, has guaranteed the trajectory of Arteko Gallery since 1996. Located in the Gros neighbourhood, the gallery shows works by established artists and promising young talent with interesting exhibitions covering all artistic disciplines. Arteko’s most distinctive features are paper and artist’s books as it has specialised in works on paper right from the start, a commitment that has made it an essential benchmark with excellent proposals on this medium.

Its emblematic space with two rooms located at different heights connected by an original ramp, attracts numerous visitors who flow through a unique atmosphere surrounded by beautiful works selected according to rigorous criteria and personality. Eduardo and Gonzalo Chillida, Esther Ferrer, Elena Asins, Miquel Barceló, Joo Myung Duck, H.R.

Giger and other prominent artists have had their works exhibited in this space. Dynamic, with an attractive artistic offer, Arteko has established itself as a unique brand, a window open to lovers of quality contemporary art.


Iparragirre, 4 20001 Donostia / San Sebastián