MUGARITZ Restaurant

Mugaritz Restaurant

Located in an old farmhouse on the dividing line between two Basque towns (Errenteria and Astigarraga), Mugaritz, which has two Michelin Stars and three Repsol Suns, offers an experience designed to feed the mind as well as the stomach. Its name is a tribute to the boundary (“muga” in Basque) and to the oak (“haritza”) that has guarded that dividing line for 200 years. The boundary is not only geographical, but has also defined its identity, placing it between the spheres of gastronomy and of art and of the culinary and scientific worlds. Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team offer an experience in which textures, stories, flavours and emotions are intertwined to build a multisensory experience, as disconcerting as it is stimulating.


Aldura Aldea, 20 20100 Errenteria, Gipuzkoa