Hidden corner of San Sebastian

An experience that is not easily forgotten

There is a hidden corner that all the citizens of San Sebastian know, but not all who visits gets to discover it. It is a small beach, protected by the Santa Clara Island. And why is it so special? It is the only beach that faces south in the entire Basque Country and, furthermore, it cannot be reached on foot. The sportiest swim and, those who want to enjoy the way? Sailing!

Let yourself be carried away by the smell of saltpeter, the breeze on your face and the sound of the waves on the hull and simply relax in the middle of this bewitching landscape.

It is an experience that you have to try at least once in your life.

Also, you can choose your own style. Do you prefer a classic boat or are you one of those who like the latest technologies?

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    • Hidden corner of San Sebastian

      There is a hidden corner that all the citizens of San Sebastian know, but not all who visits gets to discover it.

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